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I am a hairstylist and feel very grateful to have the ability to work from my home in Madoc, Ontario where I live with my husband, my cat and dog.

I love to read, do yoga and meditation, journal and drink tea. And on a good day, all of the above!!! :)

I have been on a spiritual journey for the past few years trying to find myself and figure out who Tasha is along with developing a relationship with the Universe and my higher self.

I love the beach, listening to the birds and spending time with my friends and family.

I am SO SO SO excited for this new journey.

I had a double ectopic pregnancy in August of 2017. It was a very challenging time in my life but I have grown and changed so much in the past year and I feel so much gratitude for my experience, which has led me here.

I am very excited to take my experience and help other women heal and achieve their goal of conception. I have had the opportunity to dip my toe into this work a little bit. Doing hair for many women and being considered a "hairapist" has given me the ability to explore supporting women in a way that I had never imagined I would be doing.

I know it is my path and my calling.

Tasha Johnson
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