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* Copyright (C) 2018 Anton Mironov * * Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. * (See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at * * See for licensing information. */ #ifndef DOXILLON_TEMPLATES_METADATA_HPP #define DOXILLON_TEMPLATES_METADATA_HPP #include "doxillion/DoxillionTables.hpp" #include "doxillion/Metadata.hpp" namespace boost { namespace doc { namespace detail { template struct meta_traits_impl_metadoc : public metadata_impl( KeyT::value ) > { }; } // namespace detail } // namespace doc } // namespace boost #endif // DOXILLON_TEMPLATES_METADATA_HPP An assessment of the incidence and clinical significance of plasmacytoma. Plasmacytomas have been considered to be a part of the natural history of multiple myeloma. However, given their association with amyloidosis and of the constant suspicion of a neoplastic process, some of these lesions have been considered to be the initial manifestation of multiple myeloma. Using the Joint Registry of the British Association for Haematology, we have examined the incidence and clinical significance of plasmacytomas in a large series of patients. From 1976 to 1991 there were a total of 545 cases of multiple myeloma registered with the Registry. In all, nine cases (1.6%) of plasmacytoma were observed. These occurred in a wide age range, with only one over the age of 70 years. None of these nine patients had evidence of multiple myeloma. The time interval between the diagnosis of plasmacytoma and that of multiple myeloma ranged from 2 months to 3.5 years, with a mean of 9




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Doxillion Document Converter Serial Crack 2022 [New]
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