Prenatal Reiki

During an in person Reiki session, clients can lie comfortably on a Reiki table. A comfortable pregnancy cushion provides support in a variety of positions. Distance clients can receive Reiki from any location. 


Reiki can be an important part of holistic health during pregnancy. Emotional blocks, fears and past traumas (this lifetime or past) can be dissolved and released. 


Reiki can promote a deeper connection with your baby. 


It is said that babies who have received Reiki throughout pregnancy are more calm and centered.


Reiki can never cause harm and is beneficial in all circumstances. 

Past clients have found Reiki especially beneficial for:



Becoming more intuitive


Clearing fear based energy (yours or others)

Clearing the mind and improving focus

Connecting with baby

Emotional stress
Fear releasing

Improving blood pressure

Increasing energy


Releasing birth trauma

Relieving aches and pain from tension

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