12 ways to know you are destined to be a Reproductive Healing Practitioner

Holistic healing work is unique in that not everyone will feel they can learn how to do it. This is work that calls in the people who are meant to be offering it. How do you know if you're meant to be a holistic reproductive healing practitioner? Below is a list of qualities and traits of the people typically called to provide healing support around our challenges and traumas affecting or inflicted during conception, pregnancy, birth or postpartum.

1. It's in your nature to care for others. Holistic healing practitioners tend to be selfless. It's not uncommon for practitioners to have to learn balance, how to receive, and how to say no to be healthy professional healing practitioners. If it's in your nature to give more than you receive, to take care of others, to self sacrifice, you might be destined to be a healing practitioner. Practicing self-care is an important part of modelling health and balance for clients.

2. You experienced infertility, a traumatic birth, postpartum depression or lost a baby. Having experienced a significant trauma around reproduction is often a foundation in learning how to support the healing of others. Helping others understand their conception journey, empowering them, supporting healing after loss or a traumatic birth, gives purpose to our hard experiences. Many healers learn most of what they know through their own healing journeys and healing continues as we hold space for others to heal. 3. You have a natural obsession with pregnancy, birth or fertility. Fertility and birth work is a calling. This work chooses us more than we choose it. Holistic reproductive practitioners usually have had a natural fascination with pregnancy and birth for as long as they can recall. Past life work perhaps?

4. You have a strong connection to nature. Holistic healers tend to have a strong connection with the natural world. You may find you are sensitive to concerns about our environment, plants and animals. You probably notice that being in nature recharges you, grounds you and brings you a deep sense of peace. 5. You are spiritual. You have a natural curiosity about the universe, people, synchronicity and have more questions than answers. You may connect with the idea that this is not your first time here, that there is purpose in all of our experiences and that something greater than this exists. Holistic healing practitioners tend to be older souls, bringing wisdom from many, many experiences. 6. People always come to you when they are in need. People just know that they can depend on you and that you always know what to say (or not say). You are a natural space holder and nurturer. People know this by your energy.

7. You're intuitive. You may even have been criticized for being too sensitive. You get strong feelings or knowings about people or situations. You may have vivid dreams or get a sense about something before it happens. People trust your judgement even if it's not backed by logic. 8. You have a knowing that our experiences and beliefs affect our biology. Mainstream beliefs about illness or disease leave much to be desired from your perspective. You believe our bodies have a way of communicating with us what needs to shift or what is no longer working for us. You connect with the idea that our past experiences can affect our cells, our health and even our future experiences.

9. It's in your blood. It's not uncommon for people who get into reproductive holistic healing work to learn that their great grandmother was a midwife, intuitive or natural healer.

10. People tell you things that they don't tell anybody else. People trust you. Even strangers tell you things that they've never told anyone else. Your energy sends a clear signal that you are a safe space for healing, even with little effort.

11. You can be exhausted easily by being around too many people for extended periods of time. You may crave alone time and find that big crowds are draining. You're a natural garbage collector and it's why people are naturally drawn to you, without proper guidance, walking around the world taking everyone's baggage for them can eventually make you sick.

12. You're looking for a calling, not a career. Healing work, even birth work is one of those jobs that is a work of passion. It draws us in, not for the income it provides, but because of passion. Learning about holistic reproductive healing is more like confirmation than learning because of your innate wisdom. The benefit is you always want to work and work doesn't feel like work, but balance is important and healthy. To learn more about becoming a reproductive holistic healing practitioner click here.

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