Online Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Training

If you have already read the Holistic Reproductive Practitioner Training Course Outline page, continue reading below about By the Moon's distance training option. 

Online learning considerations

Is it possible to attain certifications online as a fertility, birth, postpartum and loss doula, as a reflexologist and energy healing practitioner through online learning only? 


There is so much that we love about the in person portion of HRP training and whenever possible and desired, we encourage our future and current students to attend in person training. We love the connections our students make with each other, their shared experiences holding space for each other, practicing healing techniques and skills, the laughter, tears, ceremony and growth. 

However, we also recognize that making the in person portion of training mandatory may hold some of our potential students back from enrolling in this sought after and beneficial training either due to uncertainty about global pandemics, travel and border restrictions, or because in person training is not available close enough to home. We also love that offering a fully in person training is better for the environment. We are grateful that we have technology and tools to offer the practical skills and healing experiences wherever you are. 

If you are considering a completely distant online training path to your Holistic Reproductive Practitioner certification including reflexology certification, energy healing certification and fertility, birth, postpartum and loss doula certifications, please note all of the following:

  • all skills and techniques that would typically be offered during in person training will be shared via live online seminars or recordings (audio or video as appropriate)

  • some additional requirements will be added to the practical requirements list such as you submitting a video taped reflexology session after your first 15 volunteer practice sessions as well as a video taped final reflexology session on volunteer client in lieu of your practical reflexology exam. Students will be marked on techniques, placement and memorization of the sequence based on the submitted video. 

  • students are required to attend Usui Reiki 1 and 2 trainings in their local area and provide proof of training. Reiki training will still be offered via distance but it is important that students receive Reiki attunements in person from a local Reiki Master. 

  • students will be required to write a written reflexology exam with a local proctor at the end of year one of training. 

  • it is recommended that students consider what local, provincial/state or federal membership organizations they may wish to register with as a doula, reflexologist or Reiki practitioner. Membership with such organizations may be optional or mandatory, desired or not. What requirements do such organizations require of their potential members and does distance training meet their requirements? If you have questions about this, please discuss with Michelle Stroud before applying. 

  • please note that students who complete all online learning requirements can still choose to attend in person training at no additional expense within four years of enrolment, space permitting. Students will be limited to the in person training locations and dates that are offered. Any travel or accommodation expense incurred will be the responsibility of the student. 

Request an information package. Please indicate the course location you are interested in.

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