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Good Morning Prospective Doulas,


It's Stef here, Doula trainer at By the Moon. I'm reaching out to let you know that our winter 2022 cohort of the Holistic Full Spectrum Doula program begins on January 11th. You expressed interest in the past, and we don't want to leave you out of the loop! The new year is approaching and it is a time where many of us hope to make a fresh start, fresh break or turn over a new leaf. We hope you join us so we can begin a new journey together in the new year!n


If you are ready to dive into this learning journey with us or want more specific information about classes, please email to get started or to receive our full Information Package! If you've already registered...amazing! We are thrilled to have you!


Here are a few answers to the most up-to-date FAQ we get about the program that may help you decide if we are the best fit:


How much time does the program require from me per week?

-Your live online classes will take place from 10:30-12:30 ET on Tuesdays. You will not have an online attendance requirement every week. It averages to about 2 times per month.

-When you don't have online live seminars, you are required to complete required readings and/or watch recorded lectures on your own time.

-We advise students to expect to spend 4-8 per week on the program. Some weeks will require less and some more. You have the syllabus for the whole year to help you to plan and determine the best course of action for time management

-You are required to attend 4 evening book club sessions throughout the year that take place at 7 pm ET. (Specific dates and texts in info package)


I am a parent / have another job/ am already in school...

-We understand and we've got your back. While we do expect our students to carve out time for themselves to achieve success in the program, it has been designed so that people in all types of situations can thrive. Most of our students have other obligations and find the act of carving out the time and space an act of self-love and care.


How is this program different from the other doula training programs out there?

-This is a wonderful question. Some of the same information is taught among most programs; reproductive anatomy and physiology , signs of labor and birth, how to set up doula interviews etc. There are a lot of amazing doula programs out there. Ours, however, stands out because we incorporate the holistic and full-spectrum elements. We can see clients from pre-conception, throughout fertility challenges and successes, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and sometimes through loss and grief as well. We see these elements as inextricably woven together. We feel our doulas need to have knowledge in all areas to serve our clients the best we can.

-We dive deep into hormones, energetic elements, spiritual components, alternative courses of action and personal connection. 

-We invite guest and expert speakers to help guide our learning. 

-Our school and classes are intentionally small to offer you the best opportunity to learn in a safe, connected and thriving environment where relationships are paramount.

-We have an amazing online community of students and alumni who value supporting and receiving support from one another during and after learning programs.


I've never learned online before. I'm not confident with technology etc.

-Again, we've got your back. We have many different students with all different levels of comfort and experience. We help to set you up at the beginning of your program with guided instructions, and there are so many amazing YouTube videos out there to help as well. Furthermore, outside of Zoom, Google Drive and written documents, the amount of technology you incorporate into your studies is ultimately your choice.


How do I make payment:

-We have different payment options to suit various needs. You have the opportunity to pay the tuition in full, or through a plan of 3 payments throughout the program duration. E-mail for more info regarding payment and tuition. If you already paid a deposit from a previous term, please contact for next steps.

Have specific questions or want a little more insight into the program? Join us for our FREE one-hour info session on Thursday, Dec 16 @ 7 pm. Register here:


We look forward to hearing from and learning with you!


Light and love,

Stef Guthrie

Doula Trainer

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