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More than a Doula Training Program

After many years of experience training doulas with a more conventional or mainstream doula training organization, Michelle created a program that teaches others to be the kind of doula that she was in practice. Almost all of her birth doula clients were fertility clients first, received reflexology and/or energy healing sessions during their conception journey, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

This training program is doula training, reflexology training and energy healing training integrated together with an emphasis on holistic healing work for the reproductive journey.

Having multiple complimentary, holistic certifications allows us to be even more successful doulas. We can provide our clients with more support because of our well rounded holistic training and experience. 


This doula training, reflexology training and energy healing training offers a deeper understanding of conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum with a broader perspective that includes a balance of modern, practical, evidence based knowledge and intuitive wisdom. 

Michelle has been supporting fertility clients for years. She has never been just a doula to her fertility clients. Fertility clients have always had a motivation to come for support that includes empowerment through healing, a real understanding of more than just cycles but also the soul's journey, reproductive healing, surrender, the incoming spirit and more.


We can be more successful as doulas and holistic practitioners because we have participated in an intensive learning and healing experience. We have been supported in our personal growth so that we are better prepared and qualified to support others in their challenging growth journeys.

Students are never left on their own through their training experience. Students are supported by their teacher and mentor weekly, they receive new material every week, assignments and deadlines are scheduled, they are actively supporting, interacting with and being supported by other students and alumni. The length of hands on in person practical training leaves students not only confident as practitioners but they also take away a memorable, transformative, healing experience.

By the Moon Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training includes certification in the following modalities with an additional special focus on reproduction for a well rounded holistic reproductive health practice:

  • Energy Healing  

  • Reflexology

  • Fertility, Birth, Postpartum and Bereavement Doula

Course Outline


Healing Support for Students

Mission and Vision

" I really feel like this course will offer the more holistic side of birth work that I missed out on in my previous training, and I would love to learn about reiki specifically for women. I also think Reflexology would be a great offering as well, and I really just think this whole program looks fantastic. I have also heard amazing things about your teachings from a previous student of yours!"

-Jessica E., Nova Scotia, Class of 2020

"I have been searching for a training that would deepen my Doula practice to incorporate fertility and loss support, and ways in which I could better utilize reiki. By the Moon’s Holistic Reproductive Practitioner training’s inclusion of reiki and reflexology, and it’s in-depth study of anatomy in a holistic context, feels like it is the most comprehensive training I could ever hope to find—it covers everything I have been wanting to study, and it feels like the answer to areas of birth-work that I have been feeling called towards."

-Meg F., British Columbia, Class of 2020