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Canadian Doula Training Offered Internationally

What are the origins of By the Moon's training program for doulas? Michelle Stroud, the founder and lead instructor of By the Moon started her studies in reflexology with the Ontario College of Reflexology in 2001. She went on to specialize in fertility and maternity reflexology supporting clients through their experiences with infertility, IUI, IVF, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and menopause with reflexology, providing information and emotional support. 

After completing training as a Doula with the Healing Arts Learning Organization  (now Doula Canada) and being offered the opportunity to teach doulas across Canada, she eventually stepped away from her role as lead doula trainer there to write a curriculum that included reproductive reflexology, energy healing (Reiki) and doula certifications in one program. 

This experience has been even more fulfilling because of the freedom to incorporate a truly holistic approach to reproductive support with a balance of spirituality and practical evidence based science. 

By the Moon has actively enrolled students and alumni from Vancouver Island to Halifax as well as international students from the United States, Europe and Australia. All practical training is now available online in addition to our retreat style in person classes.

Doula training that includes other holistic modalities like reflexology and Reiki allow us the opportunity to offer more services and supports to our clients, to understand their experience and conditions such as breech, morning sickness, unexplained infertility and edema from a body, mind and spirit perspective and offer doulas additional streams of income for even greater success. 

By the Moon training also includes thorough and interactive business training skills that incorporates technical knowledge like SEO (search engine optimization), business planning, financial forecasting and manifestation using energy techniques and healing. 

This is quite possibly the most comprehensive doula training program available and certainly the only one of it's kind.

Doula Trainer Michelle Stroud
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