Yoga and other classes

By the Moon offers a variety of classes, series and workshops for everyone. Read class descriptions or register below. See our Monthly Calendar

Prenatal Yoga with Michelle

Michelle combines her passion, knowledge and experience with yoga and childbirth to guide you through a series of asanas, positions, movement and breathwork to help you prepare for childbirth. Yoga has so many synchronicities with birth, the rhythm, the focus, the benefit of movement, it's an amazing way to receive childbirth education while also taking time to connect with baby and self. 

Fridays at 7pm, $12.50/class       Register

HypnoBirthing® with Carrie

Come with your partner or birth support person and learn about birth and HypnoBirthing's tried and true techniques for inducing deep relaxation and your own natural endorphins for a more positive birth experience and outcome. 


Mom and Baby Yoga with Shwetha

Shwetha is a trained posptartum doula, breastfeeding educator and yoga teacher. Bring your baby and join Shwetha for a series of postpartum yoga classes.

Tuesdays at 10am, $12.50/class       Register

Yin Yoga with Shwetha

Yin offers us a practice of surrender and stillness that is challenging in it's own way. This is a great class for everyone with benefits for those with PTSD, infertility, loss and more.

Thursdays at 5pm, $12.50/class       Register

Restorative Yoga + Reiki with Michelle and Julie

A two hour guided restorative yoga class using bolsters, blankets and blocks to support you gently and in a state of rest in a Reiki filled studio with hands on and gemstone healing. 

Intro to Reflexology + Head Massage Michelle and Shwetha

Bring a friend or make a friend and learn how to exchange reflexology sessions and Indian Head Massage with each other. 

As scheduled, $115/per person or $210/two people       Register

Intro to Reproductive Healing with Ann Louise

Separate workshops for ​teens, teens and moms, for fertility and for peri-menopause/menopause. Learn real self care techniques for balanced hormones, reproductive healing, healthy periods and increased energy levels. 

Preteens (ages 10 to 14ish). Learn the difference between healthy flow and imbalances and how to take care of your reproductive health in an age appropriate way and a comfortable environment. Day includes yoga, self given abdominal massage, healing gemstone bracelet making, womb wisdom, ceremony and more. $60 + HST

Peri-menopause and menopause workshop. Learn holistic healing practices to reduce or eliminate many of the discomforts that can occur during this transition. Fee includes take home items. $75 + HST, Saturday, Sept 14, 10am to 4pm


*Sponsorship for youth in need is available. To inquire about a sponsored spot, please contact

The Moon + You with Tamara

Tuning into the cycles and transits of the moon can give us more insight into ourselves and the world around us.

In this workshop, we’ll look at the various moon phases, and its passage through the signs of the zodiac throughout a lunar cycle.  All of these changes influence our biological, mental and emotional rhythms, just as they affect the ocean tides and the growth cycles of plants.  Insights into this can help us determine optimal timing for various endeavours, and give us a new perspective to view how we feel in different situations, on different days.

We’ll look at the moon’s effect on all of us as a whole, as well as its unique effects on each of us individually.  We’ll also look at examples of herbs, foods and other practices that we can use to help balance or enhance the moon’s influences.

As scheduled, $35/person      Register

Stages of Labour and Comfort Measures with the Doulas

Bring your partner or birth support person and meet By the Moon's doulas for a crash course on what to expect during the different stages of labour. Learn tips and tricks to provide physical and emotional support from our holistic childbirth experts. 

This class is suitable for all kinds of births whether planned unmedicated or with medical support.


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